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Professional Drivers Get Leading Edge Help with New BELTRONICS STi Magnum™ Radar and Laser Detector

BELTRONICS Inc., a manufacturer of industry leading radar and laser detectors, has released a new level of radar and laser performance and protection in a completely invisible radar detector.

West Chester, OH August 25, 2011 -- BELTRONICS Inc., maker of the world's best performing radar and laser detectors, today announced the release of its newest 'completely invisible' radar and laser detector, the BELTRONICS Professional Series STi Magnum™. "We were the first radar detector company to help drivers, who didn't want others to know when they were using a detector, with the world's only radar detector designed to be electrically, completely invisible. The new STi Magnum™ is superior detection built on our original world's best invisible STi design," said Don Rich, Vice-president of Sales, BELTRONICS. "The new STi Magnum™ provides class leading range in a completely stealth operational package," he added.

When it comes to radar and laser protection, BELTRONICS radar detectors stand alone, with innovation and technological improvements spanning multiple decades.

Five years ago, BELTRONICS underscored its leadership position in radar detection technology with the introduction of the revolutionary STi DRIVER™ radar and laser detector. At that time, all radar detectors were susceptible to being discovered by radar detector detectors. The original STi DRIVER™, along with the sister brand ESCORT REDLINE, are the only radar detectors that can't be picked up by radar detector detectors used by law enforcement. And now the new STi Magnum™ improves both the stealth capability of the original and, has a 60% performance improvement in range - the STi Magnum™ has the best range available for professional drivers in a completely invisible performance package.

"The STi Driver is the only detector completely invisible to all radar detector detectors, while maintaining blistering sensitivity to all radar bands." - Speed Measurement Labs

Professional drivers require professional tools and the STi Magnum™ is the industry's most advanced radar and detection tool. Now a part of BELTRONICS Professional series STi Magnum™'s dual antenna design with 60% improved performance, assures processing of X band signals separate from the critical K and Ka bands for superior range. By separating and then specializing each band, the STi Magnum™'s unique dual low noise amplifier, twin antennae, provides category leading X-band range and, superior world-class sensitivity on the difficult higher-frequency K and Ka- radar bands. The STi Magnum™ includes BELTRONICS patented TotalShield™ Technology which simply eliminates all radio frequency emissions which make the STi Magnum™ completely undetectable to any radar detector especially all VG2 and Spectre series law enforcement receivers.

And STi's magnesium construction helps secure stealth performance with state-of-the-art metal housing that provides invisible performance and durability for years to come. Multiple laser sensors are strategically placed to let Magnum search for laser gun signals including off-axis signals, the most difficult to detect. Digital signal processing, a patented industry first, delivers the ultimate in frequency accuracy and low noise oscillator performance under all operating conditions. Intelligent brightness control give STi Magnum™ four levels of brightness, plus automatic adjustment based on the ambient light in the vehicle. And STi's high definition ultra-bright text display is easy to read from any angle.

The STi Magnum™'s user controls are backlit for easy nighttime operation and offer a full complement of BELTRONICS advanced features, including Tech Display and Threat Display modes that can show the exact frequency received and the number of simultaneous threats detected. And the STi Magnum™ is engineered with the professional driver in mind operate STi Magnum™ "out of the box," or make selections based on your specific driving style. Other user selectable features include:

  • Pilot Mode: Operate in Highway, Voltage Meter or two different City modes depending upon your area of travel. Or choose AutoScan™ - the perfect balance of sensitivity and selectivity.
  • Alert Lamp: The red backlight of the VOLUME/MUTE button flashes when receiving an alert. Turn this feature on or off.
  • 64 Digital Voice Alerts: Clear voice announcements for X, K, Ka bands, Laser and 60 Safety Warning System&rag; Messages or unique audio tones.
  • Alert Meter: Standard visual alert, Tech Display™ or Threat Display™ alert.
  • AutoMute: Automatically mutes extended audio encounters.
  • Radar/Laser/SWS™ on or off: Choose any configuration of X, K, Ka radar, laser, POP mode and Safety Warning System® detection on or off, depending upon your driving environment.
  • Inverted Display Function: Mount the unit "upside down" (great for visor mounting) and the display will maintain all text in its "right reading" orientation.

No matter what you drive, there's only one detector up to professional standards. The new BELTRONICS STi™ Magnum is designed for drivers who insist on the best. From its magnesium case to advanced circuitry and superior range, it leads the way - every time. TotalShield™ technology makes it the best performing professional driver detector that's totally undetectable.

The new BELTRONICS STi Magnum™ is available through national travel centers, 12 volt specialists or factory direct. For more information on BELTRONICS STi Magnum™ or other BELTRONICS products, call 1.877.GET.1.BEL (1.877.438.1235) or visit online at BELTRONICS.com.

BELTRONICS Inc. is a major brand under the ESCORT name, the leading manufacturer of high-performance automotive accessories and the world's best performing radar and laser detectors. BELTRONICS manufactures products under the Professional Series, STi Magnum™, BELTRONICS and Vector brands. The company is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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