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Beltronics-30-Day Money Back Guarantee on Factory Direct Orders

30-Day Money Back Guarantee on Factory Direct Orders

Using is Believing
Maybe you've never used a radar detector, but have always been a little curious. Or maybe you have an older model detector, and you're wondering how a new high-performance model would compare.

Road trip?
Or just maybe, you're taking that annual vacation, and having a new radar detector for the trip seems like a good idea. Now you can try a high-performance radar detector factory direct from Beltronics, the industry leader, for 30 days with no risk.

30-day free test drive
Order your new radar detector factory direct from Beltronics. Then try it for a full month. You'll quickly see that Beltronics radar detectors are unique. No other radar detectors offer long-distance warning, without annoying false alarms. And no other radar detectors are as easy to use, and easy to understand. (We've been granted more patents than any other radar detector maker, and it shows).

You decide
If after your test drive, you're not convinced, no problem. We'll take the detector back, no questions asked. Just call the Beltronics Customer Service Department toll free at
800-341-2288 8am-6pm M-F Eastern time for return authorization.

No, we're not crazy
You've probably guessed the rest. We can offer this free trial because we know that once you try a Beltronics radar detector, you'll want to keep it. (In fact, forty-nine out of fifty do just that!)

See what you're missing
We've written hundreds of ads about why our radar detectors continue to lead the industry. But nothing we've ever written will convince you as quickly as a test in your own car.

Order your Beltronics radar detector online today, or call Beltronics toll-free at 866-468-0322 to place your order.