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Hook & Loop Fastener

Hook & Loop Fastener
Hook & Loop Fastener

Adhesive Hook & Loop Fastener

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Securely attach your detector or cords using our Adhesive Hook & Loop Fastener. Paper backing peels off to reveal adhesive on both the hook and loop strip.

Naeem M
I live in a Colorado ski town and it is cold here more often than not. The cold temperatures really messed with the suction cups on the windshield mount I was using for my radar detector. It was getting really annoying having the unit come off and slide across my dash.

This hook and loop fastener was the perfect solution for me since the Velcro is not affected by the temps and holds the radar detector securely no matter what on the dash. It was as simple as removing the paper backing on the hook end and putting it on the dash. Then doing the same with the loop strip and attaching it to the radar unit. If you are having problems with your suction cup mount this hook and loop system is really effective at holding your radar detector.


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