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GX65 - 2009 CES Award

The Beltronics GX65 WINS 2009 CES Innovations Award

The GX65 (the most sophisticated radar and laser detector in the world) was awarded a 2009 CES Innovations Awards for In-Vehicle Accessories.
Honorees for the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Showcase were selected by a preeminent panel of judges consisting of independent industry designers, engineers and journalists.

STi Driver Radar Detector

  • "...completely invisible to all radar detector detectors while maintaining a high sensitivity to all radar bands."
    - Speed Measurement Labs


Pro RX65 Radar Detector

  • "...the tool of choice for the serious road warrior."
    - radartest.com


Vector 995 Radar Detector

  • "Vector 995's performance is stunning! It's truly the new, long range detection champion!"
    - Speed Measurement Labs

  • "...10 times more sensitive than ordinary detectors!"
    - Georgia Tech Research Institute

  • "...no other brand, including the higher-priced Valentine One, was as effective in seeking out these critical traffic monitoring devices."
    - radartest.com


Vector 965 Radar Detector

  • "K and Ka band performance is amazing! No other brand is as effective."
    - radartest.com


Vector 955 Radar Detector

  • "Best overall performance we've ever seen under $200!"
    - radartest.com