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BELTRONICS Releases STiR Plus™ Custom Installed Red Light & Speed Camera Locator and Stealth Radar and Laser Detector

BELTRONICS Inc, a manufacturer of industry leading radar and laser detectors, has announced the release of the new STiR-Plus™, the radar detector industry's most advanced stealth custom installed red light & speed camera locator and radar & laser detector.

West Chester, OH May 9, 2011 -- BELTRONICS, maker of the world's best performing radar and laser detectors, has released the all new Digital/Radar/Laser/Safety Camera BELTRONICS STiR Plus™ - the world's most advanced custom installed red light & speed camera locator and user-selectable radar & laser detector. The STiR Plus™ design features a completely new user optional radar detector platform with segmented Ka band for narrow-band detection and industry leading response time, and includes GPS location awareness which gives the detector the ability to alert to red light & speed cameras, mark locations for future reminders and even learn the location of and then eliminate false alerts sources automatically. "The new BELTRONICS STiR Plus™ has already been called the best performing radar detector in the world by industry experts who fully understand and appreciate the segmented Ka band capability." said Don Rich, BELTRONICS Vice-president of Sales. "Enthusiasts, pundits and industry experts alike will soon echo positive reviews as they learn that we took our industry leading stealth detector design, combined it with the best detector engineering in the world, added high-end user features, and then rolled all of that capability into a custom installed system that results in the most accomplished radar detector in the world," he added.


The new STiR Plus™ with industry leading response, integrates the feature sets of the bestselling BELTRONICS Pro Series GX65 GPS location awareness radar detector, which alerts to red light and speed cameras while eliminating false alerts, and the STi Driver™, the world's first completely electrically 'invisible' radar detector for full stealth operation. Now combined, the STiR Plus™ has become the pinnacle of the all-in-one custom installed radar and laser detection system. "We know that the STiR Plus™ radar detector with its stealth custom installation, GPS location awareness, red light and speed camera database, false alert rejection and segmented Ka band fast response is the most capable, best performing detector available anywhere for the enthusiast," said Dave Smidebush, BELTRONICS Vice-president of Marketing. "In addition to its lengthy list of performance features, the STiR Plus™, like the original STi Driver™, provides industry leading long-range performance while remaining completely hidden to anyone who might otherwise know you have a radar detector," he added.

High-end features include: a red high intensity LED display that helps maintain night vision; the previously mentioned Segmented Ka band for narrow-band detection and improved response time; a unique-to-the-industry 'quick deactivate' radar detector option for use in locations where a radar detector is prohibited thus rendering the system exclusive to safety camera alerts, perfectly legal; Next-Gen laser detection built-in to the receiver for ease of installation; AutoLock™ which allows the detector to identify and then eliminate false alerts; optional upgrade Shifter Pack (not included) for the ultimate in laser gun defense; AutoScan™ automatically maximizes range and sensitivity against false alert rejection based on vehicle speed and background band interference; user selectable options for International bands; specific Ka band segmentation for interference management; and much more. The system also comes with BELTRONICS 3 year Defender™ Database (red light and speed camera locations) subscription (a $39.95 value).

Performance of the STiR Plus™ is on the leading edge. Case in point - at the industry's most widely recognized annual range test of all manufacturers' radar detectors against all guns, for the maximum range tested, the STi series sees every gun, every time.

The STiR Plus™ is a fully custom installed system, designed and assembled around an electrically undetectable radar detector unit. This process makes the STiR Plus™ truly 'stealth installed' for the most discreet installation and use of a radar detector possible. All competitor radar detectors, much like consumer electronics, naturally emit electronic energy that can be easily measured. This weakness is used to monitor the presence of a radar detector. However, the STi series of radar detectors have eliminated electronic leakage rendering them invisible to search by enforcement radar detector detectors. For some, this is an extra measure of privacy that can't be obtained from other detector systems.

Available factory direct and at high-end specialty automotive shops, the STiR Plus™ has a suggested retail price of $1,299.95 uninstalled (typical installation suggested price is $1,699.95 - price may vary). For the ultimate in laser protection, optional laser shifters may be included with system purchase (see your dealer or call BELTRONICS for details - prices may vary). For more information on the BELTRONICS STiR Plus™ Custom Installed Radar/Laser/Camera Detector, or other BELTRONICS products, call 877-438-1235 or visit online at BELTRONICS.com.

BELTRONICS Inc. is a major brand under the ESCORT name who is the leading manufacturer of high-performance radar and laser detectors. BELTRONICS manufactures products under the STi DRIVER™, BELTRONICS and Vector brands. The company is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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