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Press Release - September 1, 2008

September 1, 2008 WEST CHESTER, OHIO - Expanding its leadership role in the radar and laser detector industry, BELTRONICS Inc. announced today its new GPS enhanced radar and laser detector, the all-new Pro GX65.
“This new detector is a complete road awareness device.” said Tim Coomer Vice President of Product Development. “The new Pro GX65 is packed with state of the art GPS technology, making it a must have for customers who want the best possible protection.” continued Coomer.
Derived from the industry-leading Pro RX65 model, the new Pro GX65 adds GPS technology to provide the most accurate signal recognition and an all-new safety camera database which locates and identifies speed and red light cameras. The use of safety cameras is increasing throughout the U.S. and Canada every day. The Pro GX65 addresses these new threats by incorporating a pre-loaded database with thousands of camera locations stored in its memory. As the driver approaches, the Pro GX65 provides a warning that a camera is in use. In addition, the Pro GX65 can store speed traps, school zones and any other specific location using its advanced Mark Location feature. “It’s evident that speed cameras continue to grow in popularity throughout North America. Our customers will have a clear advantage with this detector” continued Coomer.
To make it easy to stay up to date on new camera installations, BELTRONICS will provide updates through their website. Customers simply connect the GX65 to their computer using a standard USB cable and log on to the BELTRONICS’s website. The Pro GX65 comes with free updates for 90 days, however annual subscriptions will also be available. Update notifications will be communicated via email.
The Pro GX65 also incorporates BELTRONICS’s exclusive “AutoScan” feature, which varies the radar performance based on the speed of the vehicle. At interstate speeds, the Pro GX65’s radar performance increases automatically to provide maximum sensitivity. At slower speeds, the sensitivity is adjusted to further reduce unneeded alerts, especially when you’re not at risk.
“The bottom line is that this detector provides the earliest possible warning for true threats including radar, laser, red light and speed cameras. We’re also using its advanced GPS technology to pinpoint and eliminate false alerts, making it the quietest detector on the road. We are committed to provide the best possible detectors on the road, and our engineering team has once again outdone themselves” added Coomer.
The Pro GX65 will be available direct from BELTRONICS in September. The suggested retail price will be $469.95 and comes complete with 90-days of free database updates. Consumers can call toll-free 866.910.7889 or log on to beltronics.com for more information or to place an order.
BELTRONICS Inc. is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada.